DUO Pedelec


DUO Pedelec is a powerful three wheel disabled bicycle with an auxiliary motor. The bike is a DUO tandem bike with an electric motor added, which is only active when you pedal.

The Pedelec model has a sensor which ensures that the electric motor only operates when the driver is pedalling. The power of the motor is controlled by a throttle handle, and it automatically cuts out at 16 km/h. 

The minimum range with a fully charged battery is 20 km. If you do some pedalling, this is normally extended to 25-30 km, or even further with favourable wind and road conditions.

This tandem bike model works like two independent bicycles. The driver and passenger pedal independently of each other and can decide individually which of the five gears to use. 

DUO Pedelec is renowned for user-friendliness, flexibility and excellent performance:

  • a powerful electric motor activated using the pedals
  • easy to mount and safe to ride
  • comfortable chair seats which can be easily moved backwards or forwards while riding
  • drives both rear wheels via a differential on the rear axle
  • extremely rugged with a long lifetime (10+ years)
  • a recognised rehabilitation aid for people with difficulty walking
  • adapted to your special needs and delivered within 2-3 weeks

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Width: 98 cm
Length: 197 cm
dismounting height: 230 cm

Bicycle weight:
2 x 7 gears: 66 kg
Pedelec: +32 kg

User measurements:
Min. inside leg: 55 cm

User weight:
210 kg (total)

Metallic red
Metallic blue
Metallic silver

PF Mobility's bikes are painted using an environmentally friendly powder lacquer.

Standard equipment:
7 gears
Foot and hand brake
Parking brake
Adjustable seats
Adjustable handlebars
Front basket
Approved lock with two keys
Rear view mirror
Seat cushions
Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres
Bike accessories:
Choose one of our three accessory packages, or view a complete list of accessories.

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