Denmark's leading supplier of fixed wheelchair ramps

As Denmark's leading supplier, we see no need to be bashful: Our wheelchair ramps are unsurpassed – you simply cannot buy better!

PF Mobility is your guarantee of a quality solution matched to the needs of the user and the ramp location. We and our dealers take responsibility for the entire process. We come and take measurements and work out creative solutions in consultation with the user – while also complying with current regulations and requirements for wheelchair and disabled ramps. Our experience and dedication ensures that each ramp is fitted professionally from the outset.

Our delivery times are also unsurpassed. Ramps are often installed and ready in 2-3 weeks.

We make our ramps using hot dipped galvanised steel for three simple but important reasons:

  • it results in the longest lifetime, generally exceeding 20 years
  • it is the strongest material and can easily bear the weight of the user, assistant and wheelchair at the same time, it allows specialised solutions which are not possible using aluminium

The ramps are supplied in modules which are easy to install at private homes, factories, shops, public institutions, etc. They are also suited for reuse.
The long lifetime and possibility of reuse makes our solutions economically attractive. If you reuse the ramps elsewhere, we can supply any further components that may be required.

The ramps are non-slip in any weather conditions due to the unique design with raised and recessed holes in the steel.

PF Mobility and our dealers are happy to provide ramp consultancy services in connection with the construction or renovation of stairs, rails and walkways.

CONTACT your nearest dealer for advice on the best solution for you. See our list of dealers here.

Stålramperne kan klare en belastning op til 500 kg. Det giver plads til både bruger, stor elkørestol og en hjælper.
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Moduloversigt over stationære kørestolsramper

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